Gouverneur Rum



Rum Gouverneur “XO“, Blend of the best agricultural rums from Guadeloupe and the Dominican Republic A mahogany color, toasted, woody, caramel, cocoa and cinnamon notes to enhance a candied fruit nose. Tasting rum. - 42 ° -


Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, 18°5’N/63°5’W, our Friendly Island has lived for centuries to the rythm of cultures and customs. Sugar cane planting and commerce on the island began since 1648. Saint-Martin held up to 22 operating plantations, the last of which closed its doors in 1915. Born from the passion of the founding members to continue the precious liquid’s history. It is in the purest tradition that Island Company Rum has developped its concentrated island spirit. This selection of cane juices, refining and assembly gives our Rum its unique aromas.